OpenWrt 10.03.1 USB Image released for ASUS WL700gE

It’s been a while since I released my last OpenWrt image…

After some time I finally got some time to pick up the development for the ASUS WL700gE router/nas.

The development for the USB Basic image is completed and uploaded to the site.

More info on

In the next weeks I’m gonne create a image to boot from the internat HDD (image is almost completed just needs to be tested properly..)
Also in the planning is a image that includes al the basic OpenWrt goodies plus some extras added like bittorrent, nzb donloading, media server, and so on.

I’m also trying to create a image that is based purely on security. all sorts of sniffing goodies will be in there 🙂

Have fun with the new image.

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  1. Hoi Ron,

    Ondersteund deze firmware voor de WL700gE wake-over-ethernet (WAN)?

    Met de standaard firmware krijg ik het niet voor elkaar, en de WL700gE ondersteund geen DDWRT voor zover ik weet…

    Bedankt alvast!

    1. wake on lan word ondersteund door openwrt hier is een package voor en zelfs een luci package met webif.

  2. Hi back2basic

    I am very interested in your USB image method to refine my wl700ge’s. I have had Backfire 10.03.1 running on mine since Jan 2012 as Kernel Version This was my first use of linux so was a good learning curve.

    I have my wl700ge Backfire router running snapshot backups for 6 months now, via a wireless bridge from my shed to the house, where it SSH to another wl700ge running “WL700gE_kc_1078_02.nas” firmware. This is an excellent set and forget foolproof backup system using cron, rsync and rsnapshot.

    I have tried to register on to detail what I have done if anyone is interested however I am unable to register as I never receive an email. Hope you can help.



    1. I have a wl700ge,would like to install openwrt. Do you mind to provide your firmware for me to use?


    1. I didn’t knew if people are still using this router… currently mine is used as bookholder… but it still funtions…
      ATM i don’use it anymore since it has only 100MB ports on it and my enviroment upgradeded to 1GB ports.

      Maybe in the near future I’ll use it for a home automation projects and will then try to compile the latest openwrt for it…

      1. Would like to see some more progress, had issues with the last one, first boot seemed to work but when shut off it would never boot again.

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