Remote control your Raspberry Pi running Kali using VNC server

RaspberryPiI like low-power devices that you can leave somewhere for some interesting research.
Therefore I need remote access to it and turnout it was an easy task on the Raspberry Pi.
Lets first do a general update/upgrade to make sure the pi is on the latest software..

apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade -y

Now lets install the VNC server.

apt-get install x11vnc -y

Before we can start the VNC server we first need to make sure our x11 server is just running fine (if you don’t start it first VNC will throw you an error.)

startx &

(Note: If it is the first time you start your X11 environment you probably want the pi connected to an external output (hdmi) to see if the initial configuration went well on it. after that it can be disconencted from the video source and remoted into.)

Now that we have our X11 server running fine we can start our VNC server to remote into you x11 enviroment:

x11vnc &

I would recommend to tunnel your traffic over a ssh tunnel if your Pi is on a remote location.
(Note: When you disconnect from the VNC server the server will shut down. So if you wanne connect again you need to run x11vnc & again …)

Have fun..:)

One thought on “Remote control your Raspberry Pi running Kali using VNC server

  1. Matthias says:

    Hi, your manual isn’t very helpful because it doesn’t make sense on a headless RasPi: How to start X and X11VNC manually there? BTW: A simple “x11vnc” without “usepw” is more than dangerous, without “forever” it doesn’t keep listening for more connections rather than exiting as soon as the first client(s) disconnect. Same player shoots again. 😉

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