OpenWrt 10.03.1 USB Image released for ASUS WL700gE

It’s been a while since I released my last OpenWrt image…

After some time I finally got some time to pick up the development for the ASUS WL700gE router/nas.

The development for the USB Basic image is completed and uploaded to the site.

More info on

In the next weeks I’m gonne create a image to boot from the internat HDD (image is almost completed just needs to be tested properly..)
Also in the planning is a image that includes al the basic OpenWrt goodies plus some extras added like bittorrent, nzb donloading, media server, and so on.

I’m also trying to create a image that is based purely on security. all sorts of sniffing goodies will be in there 🙂

Have fun with the new image.

Upgrade From BackTrack 5 R2 to BackTrack 5 R3

bt5r2-blog-1Recently, we released the long-awaited BackTrack 5 R3 but for those of you who don’t want to start fresh with a new installation, have no fear because you can easily upgrade your existing installation of R2 to R3.

Our primary focus with this release was on the implementation of various bug fixes, numerous tools upgrades and well over 60 new additions to the BackTrack suite. Because of this, the upgrade path to BackTrack 5 R3 is relatively quick and painless.

First, you will want to make sure that your existing system is fully updated:

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Building your own storage server with freenas

My goal was to create an affordable storage server that has a capacity around 10 TB, to store my favorite collections on it and make some backups from various system.
And most important … It doesn’t use a lot of juice….

I was also looking at some QNAP’s and SYNOLOGY’s NAS drives but they are all pretty expensieve  especialy the ones that could house 8 drives or more.

I used the following components to build/house my storage server. (note that most of these part where laying aroung in my house.)
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