Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam gets 9,5/10 by IGN!

Earlier this year, DICE released what I consider the best multiplayer shooter of 2010 with Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Somehow, while pumping out a steady stream of free content updates to Bad Company 2 proper, developing a co-operative add-on for the game, and creating the multiplayer component for Medal of Honor from scratch for EA studio mates Danger Close, DICE has found the time to deliver Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Vietnam, and with it, what might be their best multiplayer experience this year.

Bad Company 2 – Vietnam is less downloadable content than it is a full fledged expansion to Bad Company 2. Rather than adding a few new maps and shoving it out the door, DICE has created a complementary but separate experience to Bad Company 2. Bad Company 2 – Vietnam is set apart from Bad Company 2’s original multiplayer mode in the menu – it even has its own separate title screen. The expansion winds back the clock and places players in the midst of the Vietnam conflict amidst recognizable battles and period specific music. Black Ops this isn’t; Bad Company 2 – Vietnam feels like it takes place more than 40 years before the main game, and there aren’t any weird anachronistic pieces of future tech around to break the illusion.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Video Review

The underlying mechanics are the same as Bad Company 2 – the squad based dynamics, the vehicles – but some seemingly minor changes result in an experience that feels distinctive. DICE has taken thematic elements of the Vietnam War in popular fiction – trenches, tunnels, bush hiding spots, rice paddies, and the like – and used them to make Bad Company 2 feel and play differently.

The game modes from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 return in Vietnam, including Rush and Conquest, but everything in Bad Company 2 – Vietnam is different, content wise. Every one of the five included maps (four available immediately, and one that unlocks once the community completes 69 million support actions per platform) are new to Bad Company 2. Almost every weapon is new, including a devastatingly effective flamethrower. What’s more, weapons, and therefore classes, have been subtly rebalanced by virtue of said new weapons and the absence of sights and scopes for all but recon players.

Anyone who played much Bad Company 2 was likely made quite familiar with the sniper-like accuracy of medics with long-range scopes attached to their machine guns, and I’ll admit to being aggressive from across the map as an engineer with the aid of a red dot sight. In the absence of these weapon tweaks, the combat dynamic has changed considerably from Bad Company 2. Fights are closer and more vicious more often, which is assisted by environments and level design that break up most long lines of sight and which provide a ton of hiding places.

Newcomers in particular should find Bad Company 2 – Vietnam inviting. With secondary abilities scaled back somewhat and scopes gone to even out the middle-range playing field, Vietnam makes Bad Company 2 approachable again. Everyone’s back at zero, and the equipment has been scaled back enough that the gap doesn’t seem like it’ll grow so wide. However, hardcore players still have tiers of guns to unlock and the same secondary abilities as the main game.

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Honestly, the most confusing thing about Bad Company 2 – Vietnam is why it isn’t a separate game entirely. EA demonstrated their ability to successfully market and sell a standalone downloadable last summer with Battlefield 1943, and Bad Company 2 – Vietnam is even more distinctive. With a full complement of new characters for each class, new voiceovers for both sides, new vehicles, new environments, and a revamped presentation, Bad Company 2 – Vietnam feels even more like a complete, standalone title than 1943 did, particularly at just $15.00 USD.

EA Announces Battlefield Play4Free

EA is launching another Battlefield-themed play-for-free service, however this one has a hard-core tone.

Friday Electronic Arts updated its Battlefield franchise portfolio with the announcement of Battlefield Play4Free, slated to hit the PC in Spring 2011. As the name indicates, the game will offer the free-to-play model while combining most of the popular maps found in Battlefield 2 with the classes and weapons of Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

But unlike EA’s other free-to-play online shooter Battlefield Heroes–which offers cartoonish characters and arcade gameplay–Battlefield Play4Free will render a more realistic experience offering 32-player online battles, signature Battlefield vehicular warfare and sandbox gameplay. The game also boasts advanced graphics and polished production values.

“We broke new ground in 2009 with the launch of Battlefield Heroes; a game that has 6M registered players worldwide. Now we are complementing that arcade shooter with a core, realistic Battlefield shooter experience that fans have been clamoring for,” said James Salt, Senior Producer, Battlefield Play4Free. “Battlefield Play4Free is for serious shooter fans who are looking for a premium–but freeexperience that rivals top console titles.”

According to EA, players will learn new combat skills and earn in-game money to spend on weapons and equipment. They’ll also have access to 16 vehicles including the Mil Mi-28 attack helicopter, the F35 VTOL jet fighter, the Russian T-90 main battle tank, and the LSV light strike vehicle.

Those who want to gain early access can register for the closed beta by heading to the official site. The closed beta officially launches on November 30, just in time for the holiday break.

SHIFT 2 Unleashed Limited Edition Available Through Pre-order

Nissan Silvia spec.R Aero

Recently EA announces to plan to introduce SHIFT 2 Unleashed Limited Edition,but the game is only available through pre-order.

SHIFT 2 Unleashed Limited Edition includes three famous cars,they are Nissan Silvia spec.R Aero,Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV and Lamborghini Murciélago LP640.

In addition,the limited edition will add 40 exclusive career race,which will push players’ skills to the limit.

SHIFT 2 Unleashed Limited Edition is developed by Slightly Mad studio and will launch in the spring of 2011,there is rumor that it will come out on March 8th.More detail,please enter into the official site.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV

Lamborghini Murciélago LP640


WikiLeaks Founder Is Released on Bail

LONDON — Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, was released from jail on $315,000 bail on Thursday, and he vowed in a defiant speech to continue to release classified documents and to fight extradition to Sweden for questioning about accusations of sexual offenses.

After nine days in Wandsworth Prison, Mr. Assange emerged into an explosion of photographers’ flashbulbs and spotlights under the grand arch of the Royal Courts of Justice. “Well, it’s great to feel the fresh air of London again,” he told a cheering crowd.

He closed his brief statement by saying, “I hope to continue my work and continue protesting my innocence in this matter.”
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Outage Yesterday….

While updagrading the router on sunday night I thought…  Hey lets also upgrade the webserver with a fresh install off Windows Server 2008 r2 X64 since it was still running on 2008 (r1). So backup up everything on the server and transferd it to a temporary VM…

This is where the fun starts……
While trying to import the MySQL database on the VM the first error arrived and I couldn’t import 1 database….  Great…..
This was just a small one..  I created the database manually and tried to import it again… Hey now it works…  Gues MySQL doesn’t like datasenames with a dot in it…..
The strange thing is  all my databases have a dot in it…
Everthing was imported …. iis created the sites again …. configured php to work and tested.. all permissions double checked…Time to switch to the vm…
ssh’ed into the router and changed the firewall…
now lets test…
I think at this point somewhere Murhy came by and fucked it up …. 🙂
All services where running  but somehow iis wasn’t able to connect to the database as it was giving me errors .

I still don’t know what the cause of this problem was after checking the “logs” I could’t figure it out… as I saw the connection comming in in the mysql admin panel…

So I decided to reinstall the pc and see if that gave me the same error.
After an hour of installing and configuring again it was time to switch to the newly installed webserver and gues what….
It gave me the same error that it couldn’t reach the databse…
I still don’t know what the cause of this problem is…still investigating…
But I needed to get this site back up and running….. as it was down for more than 4 hours…. 🙁
So i deleted php and mysql and created a new site in iis for testing and installed drupal from that installed that configures it for you..(the lazy way install..) normally I hate such a setup because now php an mysql are running on c:\ and now way to change it……

I tried to change the config files and run it off d: and e: but the services won’t start….
Anyone any idea???  I used same config files as before the reinstall…..

I had more succes on upgrading the router 😉
It now runs smooth on a usb drive 😮

root@OpenWrt:~# df -h
Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/root                 1.8M      1.8M         0 100% /rom
tmpfs                    14.4M    212.0K     14.2M   1% /tmp
tmpfs                   512.0K         0    512.0K   0% /dev
/dev/sda1               121.0M      9.2M    105.5M   8% /overlay
mini_fo:/overlay          1.8M      1.8M         0 100% /

Gonne buy me a 16 GB stick and play with it …. It currenlty runs on a (old) 129 MB stick …
Firmware is available in the download section…

More to come….


Its Weekend 😛

Time to upgrade to my own formware and see if it boots….

I’ll keep you guys updated..
There is a change that this page will be unavailable for some minutes…

Please be patient……