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ARM CEO: We Can Convince AMD Of Giving Up x86

According to EE Times,processor licensor ARM is trying to persuade AMD to give up x86 and let them turn to use their ARM architecture.Earlier we have known that Microsoft Windows operating system will add the full support for ARM.

AMD Sells Three Million Fusion APUs In Q1 2011

In the quarterly financial meeting,AMD announces that they have shipped three million Fusion APUs(Accelerated Processing Units) in the 1st quarter,covering 50% of their total mobile processors. 

No New Structure With AMD 28nm Southern Islands

Dual-core flagship graphics cards of AMD and NVIDIA have come out,what other new products we can expect for? According to the source from Fudzilla,later all we can expect is the 28nm-based one.

AMD Brings FirePro 2270 Professional Graphics Card –

AMD has lately announced ATI FirePro 2270 professional graphics cards,which features low-profile half-length design and better compatibility.   FirePro 2270 is designed for professionals who require the ability to view and interact with multiple applications in the industries like design,engineering,financial and medical. AMD Brings FirePro 2270 Professional Graphics Card –

AMD Radeon HD 6990 Graphics Card Officially Arrives

Today AMD officially unveils dual-GPU Radeon HD 6990 graphics card,which is challenging the upcoming NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590.

AMD Catalyst 11.1a Hot-Fix Driver Updating

Earlier,the updated features of AMD Catalyst 11.1a Hot-Fix driver was exposed and later the download wasleaked.However,we got the news that AMD is still updating this driver. According to the source,there is bug with AMD Catalyst 11.1a Hot-Fix driver,the bug in OpenGL tessellation leads to void in performance improvement.The development team is trying every means to […]

AMD Prepares Next-generation Netbook and Tablet PC Platform

According to a recent post at Digitimes, AMD is planning to announce its Brazos platform at CES 2011. It’s a combination of the company’s Ontario APU and Hudson-M chipset. The next-generation platform codenamed Deccan, which consists of Krishna APU and Yuba chipset, is also around the corner. AMD will start the internal testing of Deccan […]